TPP Payloads Lesson

The resource for this Lesson is TPP UAV Training Program Part 3: Lesson 10 >>> Payloads.

This lesson delves deeper into issues around attaching payloads to sUAVs.

NOTE 1: To access Part 3 of the TPP UAV Training Program, an access code from completing Part 2 is needed - this code is "2017p3TPP".

UAV Technology Modeling with EV3

The Primary Instructional Materials for this lesson are the attached Powerpoint lessons on Quadcopter Basics and Quadcopter C

UAV Technology Modeling with EV3

Teach Engineering Site Activites for Aeronautic Engineering

This Teach Engineering Site has an entire series of hands-on activities for exploring Aeronautical Engineering Concepts.

AMA Aerodynamics and Fundamentals of Flight Lesson

This link is the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) short lesson on Aerodynamics and the Fundamentals of Flight. It looks primarily at fixed-wing aircraft, but does mention rotor blades.

UAV Aerodynamics

Gonzalez STEM Robotics 101 EV3

Gonzalez EV3 - Advanced Sensor Use

Gonzalez EV3 - Proportional Gyro Turns