Acrobat Lab 3

Uses light sensor.

Acrobat Lab 2

Uses hand held touch sensors to let kids remote control the movement of the robots. Helps kids understand how motor rotation controls the direction of robot.

Acrobat Lab 1

Uses canned “brick” programs to demonstrate the motor’s clockwise/counterclockwise rotation

Acrobat Battery Lab

Robotics Notebook

RCX Basics 2006

The Power of the U Join

RCX and NXT Power Transfer

Advanced Monorail

Build a robot that can travel along a 2x4 on the robotics track in the lab, and then make a right angle turn and continue going down the next side. It must be able to continue all the way around the track and return to its starting point.

Automatic Can Crusher

This device can accept three or more soda cans and crush them one at a time. It feeds the new can in, crushes it, spits it out, and then feeds the next can.