Upper Elementary

Legal Issues Around Drones in Education

The article below describes legal issues are introducing drones into education at all levels. BE SURE TO SECURE ADMINISTRATIVE APPROVAL OF YOUR PROGRAM, INCLUDING LEGAL AND INSURANCE ISSUES.


UAV Programming

UAV Cinematography & Video Production

The Primary Instructional Materials for this lesson are the attached Types of UAV Aerail Shots and Educator's Gu

UAV Mode II Controller

The attached PowerPoint reviews Throttle, Yaw, Pitch and Roll for a Mode II UAV controller

UAV Caution Sign

The attached "Drones in Use" Caution sign may to used to warn bystanders/passers-by of drone operations in the area.

Prerequisite Angle Measuring Knowledgebase

Students should explore the use of protractors to measure angles, focusing on lining up the protractor correctly for a more accurate measure. Khan Academy has some interactive resources for practice.

The Angle Maker (Elementary)

SumnerK-5 STEM Robotics 101 EV3

Tello UAV Crew Checklist - Laminatable

Reformatting of the Tell checklist suitable for laminating or using in sheet protector for check-off by erasable marker.

DJI Spark UAV Crew Checklist

Pre-flight, Launch, Mission, Landing/Power-down, and Post-flight checklists for Pilot, Flight Director and Safety Manager.