High School

AMA Components of sUAS

This link is the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) short lesson on Components of small Unmanned Aerial Systems.


AMA Intro to sUAS

This link is the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) short lesson on an Introduction to small Unmanned Aerial Systems.


UAV Aerodynamics

Know Before You Fly Recreational User Page

The link below is the Recreational User (Section 336) page of the Know Before You Fly website. It provides the rules for sUAVs operating under recreational/hobbyist rules and a map which shows how school boundaries intersect airport/heliport 5 mile airspace radius. Clicking within the school boundary provides a list of advisories and the contact phone number for the airport/heliport operators and towers you must contact before flying a sUAV (above the FAA weight limit) outdoors on school property. You can also install the B4U Fly app, but this does not provide the phone numbers.

Tello Advanced Flight Modes

This video discusses the advanced flight modes of the Tello (these are beyond the basic piloting focus of the primary instructional material in this lesson).


DJI Spark Setup and Piloting Videos

The DJI Tutorial video series on setting up and piloting the Spark are available about half-way down this webpage:


Basic UAV Piloting Skills


Strandbeests are animal-like walking machines created from junk by Theo Jansen.


Gonzalez EV3 - Advanced Sensor Use