Computing / Computer Science

OSD 20V ESR Frozen Island Math

OSD 20V ESR Get Moving

20V ESR Curvy Artwork

Function (Smart Block) Supplemental Resources

The following sites provide resoures around understanding Smart Blocks (a.k.a. Functions or Subroutines in other coding languages, or My Blocks in LEGO EV3-G software):

Iterations and Loops Vocabulary Support

The attached pdf provides vocabulary support for Iterations, Loops and Algorithms:

How the Color Sensor Works Video

This video explains how the EV3 Color Sensor detects different colors.


Color Sensor Supplemental Resources

The videos below provide supplemental resources for understanding visible light:


20V ESR Pseudocode Supplemental Resources

The attached resources are from EV3 Lessons Beginner Lessons section.  They provide more depth and examples of Pseudocoding than the brief mention in this CoderZ lesson.

Turing Tumble Virtual Simulator and Resources

Turing Tumble is a popular hands-on game for teaching students binary logic. The attached PowerPoint contains resources for this game and supporting resources on Alan Turing, the Binary Number System and Logic. One of these resources is a simulator of the Turing Tumble game, which students can play here:

Computational Thinking Supplemental Resources

These posters describe Computational Thinking Concepts with elementary-friendly terminology and examples. The pdf contains all the images and the jpegs are the individual posters.

Computational Thinking Resources (pdf)

Terminology Poster (jpeg)