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Computational Thinking Supplemental Resources

These posters describe Computational Thinking Concepts with elementary-friendly terminology and examples. The pdf contains all the images and the jpegs are the individual posters.

Computational Thinking Resources (pdf)

Terminology Poster (jpeg)

20L ESR Getting Loopy

Introducing Loops - Supplemental Resources

The resources below help introduce the concept of Loops for students for whom this is new, or if they are struggling with when (and when not to) use Loops in their code.

Beginner Loop Activities and Puzzles from

Unplugged Dance Group Activity Loop Lesson:

Maze Loops - Interactive lab:

20L ESR Showcase Sharing (Group Activity)

20L ESR Multi-Tasking

20L ESR Making Sense with Sensors

20L ESR EV3 Building Riley Rover

20L ESR Drawing a Square

20L ESR Culminating Challenge