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This course is intended to introduce the Java programming language to students using the EV3 (FLL), Tetrix (FTC) and RoboRio (FRC) robotics platforms. For EV3, the course moves the student away from block based robot programming to using a text based programming language. For Tetrix and RoboRio, the course will provide more instruction in Java itself, which is missing in existing materials. The course will teach a basic competency in Java with a focus on robotics applications. Robot construction will not be covered in any depth as it is assumed the student will have or acquire hardware building skills separately. The course is targeted to beginners and there are no prerequisites.

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Going the distance with gears

Use this handout in conjuction with the lesson, Going the Distance with Gears.

Basic: STEM Robotics 101 EV3

Basic: EV3 - Menu Systems

Basic: EV3 - Stall Detection

Basic: EV3 - Squaring On Lines

Basic: EV3 - Reliability

Basic: EV3 - Debugging Techniques