Sights, Sounds and Gears

Straight Ahead

NXT Firmware (incl. Summative Assessment)

This PowerPoint presentation containing embedded multiple choice questions for Formative Assessment may be used in place of the Primary Instructional Material.

NXT Quick Start & 5-Step Programming Guides

The attached pdf files of the NXT Quick Start Guide and 5-Step Programming Menu (form the NXT User Guide, p.21) may be useful resources for the NXT Software: On-Brick 5 Step Programming lesson/lab.

NXT Software: On-Brick 5 Step Programming

The attached PowerPoint presentation exaplins the 5 Step Programming Lab.


NXT Hardware

The attached pdf file contains the builting instructions for a tribot.

NXT Firmware_Video

NXT Firmware

The attached PowerPoint presentationis intended to be used in conjunction with the "NXT Firmware" lesson. 

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