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The NXT Computer_Demo Program

The NXT-G Demo program is used in the NXT Computer leson.

Moore's Law_Videos

Doomsayers have predicted the end of Moore's Law for decades. This Intel video spoofed the doomsayers a few years ago when Intel announced Hafnium transistors as their latest solution for Moore's Law. More recently, this Intel video from May, 2011, explains the development of "3-D" transistors as the next solution to propagate Moore's Law further.

Moore's Law_Web site

Future Timeline extrapolates Moore's Law and other trends centuries into the future

Moore's Law

This lesson is COMMON to both NXT and EV3. The two attached PowerPoint files walk through an explanation of Moore's Law.  The single slide in the Moore's Auto file is intended to be used at the end of the Moore's Law presentation

Circuits and Computers

STEM Robotics 101 NXT

Lesson 0 Test