Robotics Hardware

Introduction to Gear Trains

LEGO Digital Designer_CAD Tool

LEGO Digital Designer (LDD) is a pseudo-CAD tool that allows student to create 3D CAD drawings of their robotics creations. (NOTE: If you cannot find the current version of LDD, try the attached LDD Setup file (4.3.9) - this is no longer supported/updated, but has all the EV3 parts built in).

In the View menu, choose the New Theme sub-menu and select LEGO MINDSTORMS to limit the parts selection to relevant pieces.

NXT Parts Exploration

This Technic Primer is a resource form Carnegie Mellon Univerisity's Robotics Academy (  Robotics Engineering Vol. 1 product (

The attached PowerPoint presentation contains both a Structural Building lesson and Challenge intended to follow the above Primer

NXT Parts Exploration

NXT Kit Overview

NXT Introduction_Video

This NXT Introduction video was developed by Dale Yocum (Catlin Gabel School, Portland, OR) as part of his NXT Tutorial series. These videos have been linked as Alternative Differentiated Instructional Material.

Introduction to NXT

The attached PowerPoint presentation is used in conjuction with the Introduction to NXT lesson.

Introduction to NXT

History of Robotics

The attached History of Robotics pdf includes important and iconic robots from early history to the NXT.  Thanks to Ann-Marie Ratliff (Jefferson Middle School, Olympia, WA) for this link.

What is a Robot?

The attached  PowerPoint presentation walks students through a general discussion about the characteristics, purposes and types of robots.