Unofficial Part 107 Videos (a few topics from Remote Pilot 101)

A few Part 107 video topics from Remote Pilot 101' blog site and current topics from their YouTube channel:


YouTube Channel

Unofficial Part 107 study (pdf & YouTube video)

Free Part 107 study guide (pdf & video) from "Chelsea & Tony"

Official FAA Part 107 Online Study Course

This official FAA online course prepares students to take the FAA Remote Pilot Knowledge Test. NOTE: studetns will need to create an account to take this course.

Official FAA Remote Pilot Knowledge Test Guide

FAA Overview of Remote Pilot Knowledge Test and process

Official FAA Remote Pilot Certification Application Site

Use the link below to apply for the Remote Pilot Certification AFTER successfully passing the knowledge test (>70%).

Unofficial 3DR Part 107 Study Guide

An excellent online prep & study guide for the Part 107 exam

Official FAA Remote Pilot Airman Certification Standards

The link below contains the official FAA Remote Pilot Airman Certification Standards covering the aeronautical knowledge expectations for sUAS Remote Pilots.

Official FAA Remote Pilot sUAS Study Guide

Technically, everything you need is here in the official FAA Part 107 Study Guide:

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