Multiple Tasks Video

This Multiple Tasks video was developed by Dale Yocum (Catlin Gabel School, Portland, OR) as part of his NXT Tutorial series. This multi-tasking capability in Lego MINDSTORMS NXT-G may be useful for students tackling advanced challenges, like Sumo-Bots.

Gripper Challenges - UNDER CONSTRUCTION

Creating Computer Chips

This "Creating Chips" video from Intel's "The Journey Inside: The Computer" series is the primary Instructional Material for this lesson.

Get a Grip

Aerial Robotics 101 - UNDER CONSTRUCTION

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First Days of School

Line Following_Fuzzy Logic Line Follower

This Fuzzy Logic Line Follower goes beyond the simple binary approach (turn right if dark, turn left if light) by creating a grey-scale approach to light and dark. The implementation uses the advanced concepts of sensor blocks, data wires, variables and math blocks in a simple and straight forward approach.

Line Following

Have students work through the "Line Following"  video lesson from the "Behaviors" page in "NXT Video Trainer 2.0" from Carnegie Mellon University's Robotics Academy.