Robotics 11EV3 EV3 - The Circuit

Robotics 11EV3 Circuits and Switches

Tello LEGO Adapter

The link below is an example of the snap-on LEGO adapter for the Tello drone. This may be used to facilitate the Weight & Balance lab or build attachments.

UAVs used to Replant Wild Fire Regions

This video shows how UAVs are being used to replant regions damaged by wild fires or deforestation. The drones can plant 40,000 trees per month.

Wired Magazine Video on the Science of UAV Flight

The WIRED Magazine video uses great animations to describe the science behind UAV (drone) flight.

TJR clone of EV3 101 STEM Robotics 101 EV3

TJR clone of EV3 101 EV3 - Menu Systems

TJR clone of EV3 101 EV3 - Stall Detection