Lesson: 20L ESR Introduction to the EV3 Robot

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This lesson introduces the LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 robot and aligns it with the 4 characteristics of a robot (manufactured, computer-based, senses environment & responds to instructions), and identifies/describes its parts and capabilities.

1) Watch this video describing the parts of LEGO EV3.  As you do, pause the video and open your starter bag to find the matching parts:

2) These next two videos from LEGO also describe the parts in your starter bag (you will level-up to the entire kit EV3 kit by end of Unit 4):

LEGO Unboxing Brick, Motors & Sensors Video

LEGO Unboxing cables (wires) Video


3) Watch these videos of cool robots made of from the LEGO EV3 (or the earlier NXT):

EV3 Rubik's Cube Solver (watch first 3:30)


NXT Sudoku Solver


NXT Paper Airplane Maker/Launcher

3) Answer these questions:

What are all the parts in the bag called? 

What do they do?

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