Lesson: 20L ESR Motoring with a Touch Sensor

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This lesson describes how to use the LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 programming software to control an EV3 motor with a Touch Sensor by using the Motor Block "On" and "Off" modes.

1) Watch this video describing how to control a motor with the Touch Sensor: 

2) Start the video again and pause when you can see the window showing the EV3 brick, motor and Touch Sensor.  

3) Get the following parts out of your bag and build the rest of the model seen in the video (note: the wire for the Touch Sensor plugs into Port 1 on the EV3 Brick):

  1. Touch Sensor
  2. Wire

You do NOT need to attach the motor or Touch Sensor to the side of the EV3 brick as shown in the video.

4) Watch the video again, this time pausing along the way to follow the steps and download & run the program to make the motors spin.

5) Try to figure out how to change your program to make the motor turn on and off with the Touch Sensor. 

6) Answer these questions:

What does a Wait Block do?

How do you choose which sensor Riley is waiting for?

What do the wavy block colors mean?
Why was the first Move Block not set to Rotations or Time?

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