Lesson: 20L ESR EV3 Building Riley Rover

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This lesson has students assemble their first EV3 robot - Riley Rover.  Students will use the parts from Lesson 2 along with the new parts bag from for this lesson.

1) Watch this video to see an animation of the Riley Rover assembly:

2) Start the video again and pause to fetch the part needed to follow along.  Have one team member be the Fetcher (find the needed parts and check the build) and the Builder (assemble the parts). 

If you would prefer written building instructions, you can step through this file:

Riley Rover Building Instructions

NOTE: You will build the Riley Rover base robot (no extra attachments for now).

3) Switch the roles of Fetcher & Builder every few steps.

4) Answer these questions:

What was the most difficult part about building Riley? 



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