Lesson: 20L ESR Hyper Riley Challenge

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In this challenge students will design Rockin' Riley to move at hyper speed by gearing up.

1) Watch this video to learn how to gear up Riley. by removing the wheels and axles, then adding these part to Riley's motors (NOTE: If you have already built Slo-Mo Riley in the previous lesson, you can skip this video and just swap the position of the large 40 tooth and small 8 tooth gears - then you will have Hyper Riley):

2) Start the video again, this time pausing so you can follow along and assemble the gearing up attachment to Riley.
When you are done, the gearing attachment should look like these two images (note: most of Riley is invisible in these images, we just see Riley's two motors to give a clear view of the attachment you will build):

Riley Gearing Up Image 1
Riley Gearing Up Image 2

3) Write a program to have Riley drive straight for 3 seconds.  What do you notice?

4) Run your Rockin' Riley program again - what has changed?  Why?

5) The video and images show the 8 and 40 tooth gears attached.  Now swap in the 24 tooth gear for the 40 and see what changes (these are the same gears used in the previous lesson with the hand-crank/wheel).

6) Answer this question:

Why does Riley go faster when geared up?







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