Lesson: 20L ESR Going the Distance with Gears (Group Activity)

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In this Team Building Activity the entire Squad will work together to see the side-by-side impact of gearing down (Slo-Mo) and gearing up (Hyper) Riley with different gear combination.

1) Have students place various combinations of Slo-Mo Riley and Hyper Riley with different gear combination (8 & 24 tooth or 8 & 40 tooth) on a starting line.

2) Have every Riley running a program with a 3 second Wait Block followed by a 3 second Move (straight) Block.  Use the 3-2-1 countdown to start.

3) Have students mark and measure how far Riley Rover moves from a starting line in 3 seconds.

4) On the whiteboard, mark the various gears combinations used and how far the Riley travels.   

5) Discuss the results and have students explain the behavior they observed.

6) If time permits, for fun try other programs besides just moving straight for 3 seconds


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