Lesson: 20L ESR Touching Objects

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In this lesson, students learn how to use the Wait Block with a Touch Sensor to have Riley detect when and obstacle is encountered. 

1) If you need a review of how the Wait-for-Touch Block can be used to turn off a motor, watch this video from Unit 1 again:

2) Watch this video to learn how to use a Wait-for-Touch Block to allow Riley to respond when an obstacle is encountered :

3) Start the video again and pause so you can add a Touch Sensor to the front of Riley as shown and follow along to have Riley Wait for the Touch Sensor.

4) Try programming Riley to:

  1. Drive straight forward until something is touched.
    (Hint: Add a short axle with a gear attached to the front of the Touch Sensor, or build fancier bumper, to improve obstacle detection)
  2. Then have Riley back up and turn 90 degrees.
  3. Then have Riley go forward until it touches something again.
  4. Then have the robot back up and turn 90 degrees.

5) Try using both Move Steering and Move Tank Blocks to make Riley turn.

6) Can you use a Loop to repeat this behavior?

7) Answer these questions:

Why is the first Move Block just “On” and the other two “Rotations” and “Degrees”?
What does the Loop Block do?

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