Lesson: 20L ESR Stopping on a Line

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In this lesson, students learn how to use the Wait  Block with the Color Sensor to have Riley stop on a line.

1) Watch this video to learn how to use a Wait-for-Color Block and have Riley stop when a line is "seen" by the downward-facing Color Sensor:


2) Start the video again and pause so you can add a downward-facing Color Sensor to the front of Riley as shown and follow along to have Riley stop on a line.

3) Lay out black line, then a blue line, and a second black line parallel to each other and at least 18 inches apart.  Try programming Riley to:
> drive forward from the first black line, 
> say something (without stopping) when crossing the blue line, 
> stop and then back up when getting to the second black line,
> continue moving backwards and say something else when crossing the blue line again,
> stop and then move forward again when reaching the first black line

4) Can you use a Loop to repeat this behavior?

5) Answer this question:

How do you tell the Wait Block to look for a certain color?



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