Lesson: 20L ESR Recycling with Riley Challenge

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In this challenge, students will use the Ultrasonic Sensor to help Riley use the motorized attachment to recycle an empty can. Create a Recycle Zone with blue tape outside Riley's yard.

1) Add the Ultrasonic Sensor to your Gripper or Cargo Attachment as shown here:

Ultrasonic Sensor with Motorized Attachment Build Instructions

2) Write code to complete one of these two challenges, depending on which attachment to added to your Riley:

Cargo Attachment Challenge
Place a bottle or can in the Cargo Attachment and have Riley deposit it in the Recycle Zone

Gripper Attachment Challenge
Have Riley find cans or bottles and move them to the Recycle Zone

3) Answer these Questions:

Which challenge did you choose? 
What was the most difficult part and how did you overcome these difficulties?

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SW Platform: 
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