Lesson: 20L ESR Passing the Test

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In this lesson, students learn how to use the Switch Block to make a binary (pass/fail) decision using a sensor.

1) Watch this video to learn how to use a Switch Block and have Riley make decisions based on the Touch Sensor:

2) Start the video again and pause so you can add a Touch Sensor to Port 1 and follow along to have Riley say "Hello" or "Ouch" using the Switch Block.

3) Can you use a Loop to repeat this behavior?  This is called a Switch-Loop.

4) Can you program different expressions (on the LCD screen) based on whether Riley is saying "Hello" or "Ouch"?

5) Answer these questions:

What does the Switch Block do? 
What do the “X” and Check tabs mean?
What is a Switch-Loop and what does it do?

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