Lesson: 20L ESR Obstacle Detection Challenge

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In this challenge, students will program Riley to travel exactly 1 meter will pausing at obstacles along the way until they are removed.

1) Step through the animations in this online PowerPoint file (Be sure to select "Start Slide Show in the upper right, and then "click" through the slides to see the animations) to learn about Obstacle Detection Challenge:


Obstacle Detection Challenge Slideshow
NOTE: The the programming screen shots are from the full PC version of the LEGO programming software, not the Chromebook App versions, so you will need to create the same blocks using your Chromebook skills.  Also, the App version cannot show both sides of a Switch Block simultaneously, as seen in the code hints.

Spoiler Alert: Clicking through all the Hints will reveal the complete code solution

2) Answer these questions:

How did you make Riley stop only when the path is blocked?

How did you make Riley travel exactly 1 meter?


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SW Platform: 
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