Lesson: 20L ESR Moving Without Wheels

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In this lesson, students level-up to the full EV3 kit and use those new-found parts to create a robot that moves without wheels (they will dis-assemble Riley at this point).

1) Watch these videos playlists to get some ideas on how to build a robot that moves without wheels:

No Wheels Videos #1

No Wheels Videos #2

No Wheels Videos #3

2) Sadly, you will be taking Riley apart to build your creation.

3) Decide how you want your robot going to move.  Use any of the EV3 kit parts to build your creations.   Don't be afraid to test and redesign repeatedly.

4) Add some sounds and expressions (on the LCD screen) as your robot moves without wheels.

5) Answer these questions:

Can you make Riley move without wheels?
What did you have to do to make this work?


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