Lesson: 20L ESR Advanced Gearing Challenges

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In this challenge, students learn about Compound Gearing and build gear ratios as large as 100's to 1.

1) Watch the video below to learn about Compound Gearing and this Challenge (Spoiler Alert:  Watching the video without pausing before the end will reveal a complete solution):

2) Try building the largest gear ratio you can between the crank axle and the wheel axle.

3) Next try this advanced Gearing Challenge: The Snail Race

Create a robot that:
> Has a single large motor running at 100% Power forever.
> Uses Compound Gearing Down to build a gear train between the motor and your wheels, so your robot takes the longest possible time to travel 12 inches along the floor.

How Slow Can You Go????

4) Answer this question:

Why does Compound Gearing make such a huge difference in speed?


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