Lesson: 20L ESR Driving by Touch

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In this lesson, students rebuild Riley (if necessary) and attach two touch sensors so they can drive Riley manually.

1) If you did the "Moving without Wheels" lesson, you will need to rebuild Riley.  Below again are both the video and written directions for building Riley:

Riley Rover Building Instructions

2) Attach two Touch Sensors to Riley in Ports 1 and 2 using the longest wires available.  Do not attach the Touch Sensor to Riley, just leave they loose - you will hold these to steer Riley manually. 

3) Watch this video to learn how to write a Multi-Tasking program to let you drive Riley with two Touch Sensors:

4) Start the video again and pause it so you can create the same program for Riley. 


5) Try driving Riley by holding a touch sensor in each hand and then adjust the program Motor Block values (or add new blocks) so driving works best for you.

6) Answer these questions:

Why did we use Multi-Tasking in this program?
What changes did you make to get better control while driving?

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