Lesson: 20L ESR Drawing a Square

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In this challenge, students will add a dry erase marker to Riley and repeatedly trace out a square on a white board laying on the floor.

1) Watch this video of an EV3 robot drawing a square with an attached marker.

2) Attach a dry erase marker to Riley.  Make sure it is securely attached so it doesn't move as Riley drives around.

3) Mark a starting position for Riley's wheels, so you can start again at the same point (you will draw mutliple squares on top of each other).

4) Use the Touch Sensors to drive Riley and trace out a square on the white board.

5) Start over and draw the square at least 4 times.

6) Answer these questions:

What was the most difficult part of this challenge? 
How did you make sure you started at the same position each time?
How much did the squares differ from each other?



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