Lesson: 20V ESR What is a Robot?

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This lesson introduces Robotics by describing the 4 characteristics of all robots and the 4 reasons humans use robots.

1) Watch this video which explores the question: What is a Robot?

What is a Robot? Video

2) Check out the robots below.... can you figure out how they "sense their environment" and which of the 4 D's they represent?

Medical (DaVinci)
Military (Big Dog)
Domestic (Atlas)
Industrial (Kiva)

3) Find your own video of a cool robot that you can share with your Squad later:

What does it do?

How can you tell it is "sensing its environment" & "responding to instructions"?

4) Answer these questions:

What are 4 characteristics of a Robot?

What are the 4 D’s (why we use robots)?




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