Lesson: 20V ESR Introduction to CoderZ

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This lesson introduces CoderZ as a virtual robot coding platform. Students will write Blocky code on the left side of the screen and then run their code on the 3-D virtual EV3 robot on the right side of the screen.

1) Watch the video below to learn about logging in to CoderZ and finding your way to the missions:

2) Watch this next video to learn how to use the lessons in this course along with the CoderZ missions:

*** Create intro video to describe PSU lessons and relation to CoderZ missions

3) Watch the video below to undertand how to use the CoderZ software:

4) Then try your first CoderZ program:

LEVEL-UP to Adventure Peak Pack
CoderZ Adventure: Adventure Peak >> Mission 1 (Just Drive)

5) Answer these questions:

What is CoderZ? 

What do the 2 sides of the screen do?


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SW Platform: 
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