Lesson: 20V ESR Measure Up & Wait

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This lesson uses a set of 4 CoderZ activities to teach students how to use the Measure Distance tool in Explore Mode to get the required distances to successfully complete missions.

1) Watch the animations in this mission to learn how to measure distances in Explore Mode:

LEVEL-UP to The Lost City Pack
CoderZ Adventure: The Lost City  >> Mission 1 (Measure) 

2) Learn how to make your EV3 pause with the Wait Block in CoderZ:

CoderZ Adventure: The Lost City  >> Mission 2 (Wait) 

3) Use both the Measure Distance tool and Wait Block to solve this mission:

CoderZ Adventure: The Lost City >> Mission 3 (Measure Your Wait) 

4) Use the Duplicate function to speed up coding this mission's solution:

CoderZ Adventure: The Lost City >> Mission 4 (Spiral Right) 

5) Answer these questions:

What is the Measure Distance tool?
What does "milliseconds" mean in the Wait Block?

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