Lesson: 20V ESR Angling Through

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This lesson level-ups to the Crystal Crater and uses a set of 4 CoderZ activities to teach students how to turn for acute angles (less than 90 degrees).

1) Follow the animations in this mission to learn how to turn less than 90 degrees (acute angles):

LEVEL-UP to Crystal Crater Pack
CoderZ Adventure: Crystal Crater >> Mission 1 (30 Degrees)

2) Learn how to make acute angle turns in either direction in CoderZ:

CoderZ Adventure: Crystal Crater >> Mission 2 (45 Degrees)

3) Use Explore Mode to find the distances and angles needed for this mission:

CoderZ Adventure: Crystal Crater >> Mission 3 (Around the Corner)

4) Figure out the code needed for this mission:

CoderZ Adventure: Crystal Crater: >> Mission 4 (Cutting the Corner)

5) Answer these questions:

What are acute angles?
How do we modify the Turn Block to make a turn other than 90 degrees?

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