Lesson: 20V ESR Getting Obtuse

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This lesson uses a set of 4 CoderZ activities to teach students how to turn for obtuse angles (greater than 90 degrees) and use their math skills on adjacent and overlapping angles to determine the needed coding values.

1) Use the button and values from Explore Mode to turn more than 90 degrees (obtuse angle):

CoderZ Adventure: Crystal Crater >> Mission 5 (A New Turn of Events)

2) Use obtuse angles and a right angle (90 degrees) to sovle this triangluar mission:

CoderZ Adventure:Crystal Crater >> Mission 6 (Bermuda Triangle)

3) Use Explore Mode to add up the adjacent angles needed for this mission:

CoderZ Adventure: Crystal Crater >> Mission 7 (Level Up)

4) Subtract the overlapping angles to solve this mission:

CoderZ Adventure: Crystal Crater >> Mission 8 (Sharp Turns)

5) Answer these questions:

What are obtuse angles?
What are adjacent angles?

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