Lesson: 20V ESR Parking Playground 2

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This activity introduces the Heads-Up Display feature in the CoderZ and lets students practise their new skills with a Project of their choosing in Parking Lot Level 2.  

1) Watch the video below to learn about the Heads-Up Display in CoderZ:

2) Create a new Project for the EV3 with Block Coding in the Parking Lot Level 2 scene.

3) Explore this parking lot by driving around with Manual Control.  Notice the red pylons that can be easily knocked over.

4) Write & run code to park in one or more locations.  Don't forget about the Heads-Up Display (notice the Touch Sensor display can show you when you touch something), the Trail feature and Smart Blocks to help with your solution.  What are going to do with the red pylons?

5) Answer these questions:

What did you code your EV3 to do?

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