Lesson: 20V ESR Multi-turn by Gyro

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This lesson uses a set of 3 CoderZ activities to teach students how to use the Gyro Sensor for multiple turns.

1) Write code for the EV3 to turn back to its original heading after a second turn:

Cyber Robotics 101: Gyro Turn >> Mission 5 (Gyro to Gyro) 

2) Use the Wait until Touch and Wait until Gyro Blocks to weave your way through the fences :

Cyber Robotics 101: Gyro Turn >> Mission 6 (Touch, Turn Go) 

3) Finally, follow animated prompts to debug this square driving program (use HUD to see how the Gyro readings keep increasing after the first turn):

Cyber Robotics 101: Gyro Turn >> Mission 7 (Turn, Turn, Turn Again) 

4) Answer this question:

Why did the last program not work when all the Wait until Gyro Blocks were first set to 90 degrees? 

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