Lesson: 20V ESR Loopy Gyro Turns (Reset to the Rescue)

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This lesson uses a set of 4 CoderZ activities to show how the Gyro Reset Block enables Gyro Turns to be used successfully within Repeat Loops.  

1) Follow the animated prompts to understand why the Gyro Turn doesn't work within a Repeat Loop, and then use the Get Gyro Reset Block to fix the problem:

LEVEL-UP to Gyro Reset Pack
Cyber Robotics 101: Gyro Reset >> Mission 1 (Resetting Gyro) 

2) Write code using Touch and Gyro Sensors within a Repeat Loop to spiral out of this maze:

Cyber Robotics 101: Gyro Reset >> Mission 2 (Spiral Out) 

3) Try again, this time spiraling inwards:

Cyber Robotics 101: Gyro Reset >> Mission 3 (Spiral In) 

4) Finally, assemble the code blocks to trace out an 8 slice pizza:

Cyber Robotics 101: Gyro Reset >> Mission 4 (8 Pizza Slices) 

5) Answer this question:

How does the Gyro Reset allow Gyro Turns to work inside Repeat Loops?

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