Instruction Guide: 20L ESR The Wave Challenge

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1) Watch this "The Wave" video to get the idea:

The Wave Video (NXT robots with sound sensor)

2) Have students discuss what Wave pattern they would like to create.

3) Assign numbers to each robot.

4) EV3 does not have a sound sensor to start (like in the NXT in the video) so you will install a upward-facing touch sensor on top of Riley Rover as a Start Switch.

5) Start your code with a Wait-for-Touch, then Wait-for-3 seconds (so students have time to step back before the robots start to move)......

6) Then begin your custom Wave with MoveSteering-for-Time (straight forward or reverse) and Wait-for-Time blocks, testing one step at a time. Everyone's program will have the same blocks, but the values in the blocks may be different, depending on their position along the line.

7) You may use this Wave Planning Template as a planning/sketching tool to show direction/duration of each robot for each consecutive MoveSteering/Wait step.  You may also have students act out the robot movements for an active/kinesthetic approach.

8) Test routine after each step is developed, with a "3-2-1" countdown to start.

9) Have fun!