Lesson: 20L ESR Squaring with Gryo

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In this challenge, students will repeat the previous square drawing challenge, but this time using the Gyro Sensor rather than hand-controls to steer Riley.  Ensuring Riley start in exactly the same position will be important.  

1) Attach the dry erase marker onto Riley again.  Make sure it is securely attached so it doesn't move as Riley drives around.

2) Program Riley to drive in a square once.  At each corner, program a 90 degree Gyro-controlled Spin Turn (one wheel moving forward, the other backwards).

3) Mark a starting position for Riley's wheels, so you can start again at the same point (you will draw multiple squares on top of each other).

4) Run your program 4 times, started at exactly the same point and direction each time.

5) Answer these questions:

How did you make sure you started at the same position each time?
How much did the squares differ from each other?
How does this compare to your hand-driven squares?

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