Instructional Material: LEGO Listen

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This LEGO Listen Activity from the Hands-On version of the STEM Academy may be used in the Virtual Academy if all students have match sets of LEGO pieces:


1) Have students sit with their LEGO pieces out of camera sight, each with a bags of identical parts
2) While all students are sitting SILENTLY, have student A build something out of some or all of the parts in their bag in 60 seconds while other students sit quietly, opening their bag, but not building anything or peeking at student A.
Begin a 3 minute timer and:
3) Have student A describe how to assemble their creation one step at a time to the other students, keeping the LEGO pieces out of camera site the entire time
4) Other students must remain COMPLETELY SILENT while they build (and keeping their parts out of sight)
5) Once time is up, have students compare their builds and decide if the builds are Exact, Close, or Not Close
6) Have students discuss any strategies they could use to improve results
7) Disassemble parts and have another student do their build and lead the others

Discus final results:
> Did following verbal instructions get easier with practice?
> Did giving verbal instructions get easier with practice?
> Did the strategies help?
> What else did you learn?


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Lab Activity
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