Lesson: OSD 20V ESR Introduction to CoderZ

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This lesson introduces CoderZ as a virtual robot coding platform. Students will write Blocky code on the left side of the screen and then run their code on the 3-D virtual EV3 robot on the right side of the screen. They will also "Level-Up" to start the first mssions in the Amazon Cyber Robotics Challenge.

NOTE: The videos below were created for a summer STEM Camp, so they reference "STEM Academy", not your school class and they refer to "leaders" rather than "teachers".  Also, the Amazon challenge you will complete first did not exist when the videos were created, so they reference "CoderZ Adventure" rather than the "Amazon Cyber Robotics Challenge" as the first course used in Units 1 & 2.

1) Watch the video below to learn about logging in to CoderZ and finding your way to the missions (NOTE: This video shows CoderZ Adventure as the first course in the Learning Center - this OSD version of the STEM Academy uses the new Amazon Cyber Robotics Challenge as the first course instead):

2) Watch this next video to learn how to use the lessons in this course along with the CoderZ missions:

3) Watch the video below to understand how to use the CoderZ software:

4) Click on the link below to login into CoderZ with the username and password your Teacher provided to you:

CoderZ Login Page

5) Watch this Getting Started Video for the Amazon Cyber Robotics Challenge:

LEVEL-UP to Amazon Cyber Robotics Challenge Level 1

Amazon Cyber Robotics Challenge: ACRC-Level 1 >> Getting Started

6) Then try your first CoderZ program for Hercules:

Amazon Cyber Robotics Challenge: ACRC-Level 1 >> Mission 1

7) Get Hercules to the target pod:

Amazon Cyber Robotics Challenge: ACRC-Level 1 >> Mission 2

8) Drive Hercules under an obstacle pod to get to the target pod:

Amazon Cyber Robotics Challenge: ACRC-Level 1 >> Mission 3

9) Answer these questions:

What is CoderZ? 
What do the 2 sides of the screen do?


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