Lesson: OSD 20V ESR Zig & Zag

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This lesson uses a set of 3 CoderZ activities to use the Touch Sensor and Repeat Loops to zig-zag through blocks.  

1) Follow the animated prompts to adjust the number of iterations and write the code for the Repeat Loop to complete this mission:

Cyber Robotics 101: Repeat Loops >> Mission 5 (Zig-Zag) 

2) Add to your code from the last mission (did you create a Smart Block?) to get started in the right direction for this mission:

Cyber Robotics 101: Repeat Loops >> Mission 6 (Point Before You Zig-Zag) 

3) Figure out when to Repeat and when not to, as you code your solution to this longer mission:

Cyber Robotics 101: Repeat Loops >> Mission 7 (Big-Zag) 

4) Answer this questions:

How do the Touch Sensor and Loops help in your solutions?

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