Lesson: OSD 20V ESR Gyro Loop Shapes

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This lesson uses a set of 3 CoderZ activities to further explore making shapes with Wait until Gyro Blocks inside Loops.

1) Use Wait until Gyro Blocks within a Repeat Loop to trace out this triangle:

LEVEL-BACK to Gyro Rest Pack
Cyber Robotics 101: Gyro Reset >> Mission 5 (Triangle Tribulations) 

2) Assemble blocks to drive around this hexagon shape:

Cyber Robotics 101: Gyro Reset >> Mission 6 (The Perfect Hexagon) 

3) Finally, write your own code to drive around this octagon :

Cyber Robotics 101: Gyro Reset >> Mission 7 (Octa-Go-Round) 

4) Answer this Question:

What was the most difficult part of coding for these shapes? 

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