Lesson: OSD 20V ESR Hearing Double

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This lesson uses a set of 3 CoderZ activities to show how to use a second Ultrasonic Sensor for navigation.  

1) Use a second ultrasonic sensor to score from the green containers, but avoid the red one:

Cyber Robotics 101: Obstacle Detection II >> Mission 10 (Ultraside) 

2) Now try again with a series of red and green containers:

LEVEL-OVER to Challenge Missions II Pack
Cyber Robotics 101: Challenge Mission II >> Mission 1 (Side-Sonic 1) 

3) This time the green containers are harder to get to..... drive (code) carefully:

Cyber Robotics 101: Challenge Mission II >> Mission 2 (Side-Sonic 2) 

4) Answer this question:

What did the second Ultrasonic Sensor allow you to do? 

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