Lesson: OSD 20V ESR Grab & Go

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This lesson uses a set of 3 CoderZ activities to show how the arm can be used to move a box and work with sensors to help complete missions:

1) Follow the prompts to complete the code and use the arm to hold down the button so the EV3 can reach the target:

Cyber Robotics 101: Object Manipulation >> Box Meets the Button

2) Write code to have the box hold the button down so you can complete the mission:

Cyber Robotics 101: Object Manipulation >> Grab & Drag

3) Finally, write code to use the Gyro, Color and Ultrasonic Sensors along with the switch-flipping arm to complete this mission without hitting the red containers:

Cyber Robotics 101: Object Manipulation >> Hand Up!

4) Answer these questions:

What was the most challenging part of these missions? 
How did you overcome these challenges?

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