Lesson: OSD 20V ESR Parent Showcase Prep

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This lesson provides students time to prepare a demo for the parents on the final day.  Students can decide to show off challenge missions they have completed or create a Project in one of scenes to show off their best coding skills.  Students are also encouraged to teach their parents a little coding by walking them through writing and running a program.

1) Which missions, challenges or project do you think best show your coding skills or were the must fun?  Decide upon and practise a demo of those which you would like to share with your parents during the Showcase.

2) Think about how you could teach your parents to write and run some code.  Plan which Mission or Project you will have them try.

3) Answer this question and be prepared to share these with your Squad:

What missions or projects will you share with your parents?

How will you teach them to code?

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