Robot Build: Over coming the magnetic filed

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An electromagnetic field is generated whenever electricity moves. The size and strength of any given electromagnetic field can change a great deal from sec to sec. This is because if you increase how much voltage is running throw something the field will grow and if you lower the power the shield will shrink according; also the same thing applies to a motor, the more  power you give it/ the faster you make the motor turn the shield will grow accordingly. So as you can tell an electromagnetic field is always in flux due to all the variables that can affect it. This is very unlike the magnetic field that a standard magnet would rely. A magnetic relies a sold magnetic field that varies too much a much slighter degree. If you look below at the photos it will show you how a magnetic field looks like if you could see it; even though the electromagnetic field and the sold magnetic fields act very different they looks very much the same way.

Now a compass runs off the earth magnetic field. So any sort of magnetic field can screw with the compass to some sort of degree normally a great deal. The sensor seems to handle sold magnetic fields like a magnet without too much difficulty as long as there kept about 3 to 10 inches away, depending on the strength of the magnetic. Well electromagnetic fields seem to be able to mess with it from much farther away I would say about 10-20 inches away.


As I am sure you know that a lot of things run off electricity and if an electromagnetic filed is release every time electricity moves, then there are going to be a lot of electromagnetic filed that can mess with your sensor.

The best way to solve this solution is to black box it; but what is a black box a black box is a way to redirect a magnetic field. How a black box works is you have a piece of medal (iron works the best) and you completely cover the item you want to protect so that all the magnetic fields just bend around the box leaving your item unaffected. Now there is a problem a compass needs the earth’s magnetic field in order to work so you cannot completely box it up. So what I would suggest is putting a piece of medal between your sensor and your robot so that it a least attempts to reflect it away. Perennially I just took a piece of cardboard and some alumina foil and wrap the cardboard in that and that even seemed to help a little bit