Tutorial Course: RoboLab Tutorial by Dale Yocum

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This tutorial is divided into two sections, selected below.

The “Essentials” are things every RoboLab programmer should know.  Some of these movies will have assignments at the end. It’s important to do these assignments, not just assume you “get it.” The biggest reason why people have problems using RoboLab is not applying through hands-on programming what they have just learned.

The “Advanced” section is for reference purposes.  When you need one of RoboLab’s advanced functions, check it out. In particular, watch both of the “Multiple Sensor” topics when you start using more than one sensor in your programs. 

This tutorial requires Shockwave to play the movies. If it’s not installed on this machine you can download the free player here.


About the RoboLab Tutorial version 3.01

This RoboLab Tutorial was developed by Dale Yocum, Head Robotics Coach at Catlin Gabel School in Portland, Oregon.  It may be freely distributed for any noncommercial purpose. It may not be distributed for profit without first contacting the author.  Dale Yocum is not affiliated with the LEGO Corporation nor any of its contractors.

This program is Copyrighted, 2004 by Dale Yocum.

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