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The following information is simply a list of things we keep in mind and try to do throughout

our program. We do not pretend that it is the best, it is just what we try to do.


It is very important for all team members to be a integral part of the team. It is also important for all to know what they are doing and why they are doing it.
We believe that we are all equally incredible, our incredibleness shows up in different places. It is the challenge of each team to find that place in eachother and get going.
When we are doing a good job as coaches, we are not touching any robots or computers. We can ask questions regarding what they had hoped their robot would do. See below.
Sample of questions we ask to help teams solve problems:
What did you want the robot to do?
What did it do?
What would have caused it to do that?
Show me your program and help me to understand what you have written?


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