Tutorial Unit: Will Greenleaf: Program Description

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--What I Teach--

At Ackerman we have a robust technology program.  Every student is expected to take at least one technology class while attending our school.  The classes are designed to become more challenging from the sixth grade through the eighth, and from Fall through Spring.


Here is a quick overview:

6th Grade Tech   This is an introductory class that gives kids the chance to learn how to work with servers, a variety of programs, share what they learn, and have fun.  We look at manipulating images and work up through making short movies (emphasizing the elements of plot).

7th Grade Robotics    For much more information on this course click here.  In general kids learn about team work, programming, engineering, and researching.

Computers    This basic computer class provides students with primary skills for a variety of computer uses.  From files saving and data transfer, to presentation and video skills, this class works through concepts of plagiarism, creativity, and self expression.

Cartoons & Animation    This class looks at the history and tools of the art of animation.  We are using a variety of tools for creating animation, including flip books, zoetrope strips, paper “cels”, video, clay, and iMovie.

Tech Images    In this class we explore the boundaries between technology and art.  We begin at the most fundamental element of computer images, the pixel, and work up through image manipulation to video production.

Advanced Digital Tech    Here we take the concepts learned in Tech Images, and kick it up a notch.  We focus on creating our own music and creating videos that tell stories, using audio as well as carefully crafted images and video to express ourselves.

Web Design    In this class we learn how to create easy to use web pages on topics of student interest.  We even learn a little html code writing!  Projects that meet the teacher standards are then placed on the Ackerman web site under Mr. Greenleaf’s home page.


After School


Techie Tuesdays    Every Tuesday after school (2:30 - 4:30) I open up the computer lab so folks (students & staff) can work on projects and get help.


Kid TV    Once a week we take a bus over to the local cable access studio and produce a kid-focussed program.  We've had kid projects (including robotics), cooking shows, even state officials on our show.

Annual Projects


Tools For Success    In this eight week program I work with kids to teach them how to evaluate their own study skills, plan and evaluate their study times, and examine their study habits and environment.  


Community Fest    This is an evening that displays student-made art, poetry, and videos which promote community, creativity, and peace.

Tech Integration

Starting this year I will spend one trimester with each grade-level teaching team, working with kids and staff to integrate technology into their projects, lessons, and ending each term with a school-wide event (to be determined each trimester).  I rotate through the teams alongside the other two elective instructors who provide excellent instruction in art and music.