Tutorial Unit: Will Greenleaf: Curriculum

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--A Quick Peek at What the Course Covers--

The class would is divided into three major parts:


1.    Reading

2.    Research writing

3.    Robotic engineering and programming (team & individual)



1.    Reading: Students will read robot stories and novels for class credit/grade.  Although most of this will be outside reading, it will be “jump started” with some in class reading.

    Reading would be done as a class, in small groups, and individually.


2.    Students will research robots and write a research paper, following the language arts writing process (research, outline, rough draft, revision, final version with cited sources and following format.

    Writing projects will be individually done and evaluated on state writing standards for research papers.


3.    Engineering and programming.  Students will design a robot to achieve a specific objective, and then program it to do that task.  After testing they will then revise their engineering and programming until they feel they have achieved that goal.

    Robotic engineering and programming would be done in teams.



Three “robot arena” tables

12  Lego Robot kits

36 computers

Novels and short stories

Training discs


Auction items


For Specifics on how this is carried out see these pages: