Instructional Material: Sources of LEGO parts and Information

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Sources of Lego Parts and information: This is the Oregon Robotics Tournament Outreach Program site and it is a must visit site. This has links to all the FLL challenges. This is Steve Putz site. He has run the Nothern California FLL tournament in the past. He has an excellent tackle box system to inventory parts. 408-910-1176 and This is the official source for Lego educational Lego purchases in the US. This is the site for the Portland Robotics Society that sponsors the competition at PSU in late May or early June each year. This is a site where you can find specific used Lego parts for sale. Of course e-bay may be a source for used parts. This is a must visit site for Carnegie Mellon’s Robot Academy This is a must visit site – it is the official source of the free Ldraw program. A great additional activity is to have students document designs with Ldraw.


The models on the FLL competition tables are held down with a special material called 3M Dual Lock Low Profile Reclosable Fastners SJ-4570 using an Acrylic adhesive in the clear model. It comes in 5/8”, 1” and 12” widths. Don Domes ordered some of this and in 2002 the cost was SJ-4570 – 5/8” x 25 yd. Roll -$48.49 and SJ-4570 – 1” x 25 yd. Roll - $ 67.69 from Ricks Fastners in Hillsboro, Oregon.


Battery Sources – Costco sells a Kirland brand set of 40 AA Alkaline for less than $11.00

In RoboLab administrator you can set the amount of time before the RCX automatically powers down. 5 minutes is a good setting.

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